How to Control the Moisture of Straw Pellet Machine

Manufacturer general require the raw material moisture between 15-20%. This scope can guarantee the finished pellets density requirement and surface smooth. But the relative humidity in the air is different. Each region can't give accurate adjustment. Here in this article, let’s talk about how to tell the whether the raw material moisture meets the requirement by observing the effect of final straw pellets. Straw Pellet Mill Production...
If there are too much powder in the finished pellets, means the raw material moisture is too low. Add some water appropriately can make the pellets reach the requirement. If the surface of final straw pellets cracks, means the moisture is slightly high and you need to dry the raw material a bit.
Some straw pellet machine uses may feel is a little hard to control the moisture content. But in order to achieve better pelletizing effects, you have to learn to control it. Actually, after used the pellet making machines for a period of time, the user will fell this question quite simple an easy to master.

pellet plant flow chart

After you have master the moisture adjustment, you can find the right moisture content for different biomass materials. If you plan to make large scale of wood pellets, you need to build an automatic pellet mill production line which includes dry machine. To help you make high quality biofuel pellets, you are suggested to ensure your raw materials moisture content and then we can offer the most suitable drying equipment for you.