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How to deal with agricultural residues is a problem all the time for every country, especially in harvest season. From a point of view, these residues are useless and boring. But from another point of view, they are golden. How could this be? Well, that’s the magic of PTO Wood Pellet Mill! PTO Pellet Mill is a kind of tractor power pellet maker. With this machine, these agro wastes can be turned into biomass fuel pellets which are environmentally friendly and renewable. PTO pellet presses produced by GEMCO have a good compatibility of raw material. It can process almost all agro wastes such as leftover of processed crops, wheat bran, rice husk, corn straw…and so on. After pelletizing, these useless biomass wasters can be pressed into small granule which can be used for cooking, heating or even feeding animals. Buy a wood pellet mill and you can do this magic too!

PTO Wood Pellet Mill for Sale

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PTO wood pellet millTractor Power Pellet Maker

As its name suggested, PTO pellet mill can be powered by tractor. Some people also called it tractor pellet mill. Generally, pellet machine can be divided into four categories based on power unit: diesel pellet machine, electric pellet machine, PTO pellet machine and gasoline pellet machine. Tractor Power Pellet Mill is the most special one among those four. PTO pellet mill has a power take off system and this makes it small in size, flexible and portable. You can choose anywhere you want to make pellets and don’t need to consider of power supply.

PTO shaft PTO pellet maker shaft
Shaft used to connect tractor


Technical Parameters of PTO Pellet Maker

Model Power Capacity Weight(NW/GW) Packing Size
ZLSP120P ≥8 HP 40-80 kg/h 80/100 kg 900*540*900mm
90-180 lbs/h 175/220 lbs 35*21*35inch
ZLSP150P ≥8 HP 50-100 kg/h 90/110 kg 900*540*1020mm
110-220lbs/h 200/245 lbs 35*21*40inch
ZLSP200P ≥15HP 80-120 kg/h 130/150 kg 1000*540*1020mm
180-265lbs/h 290/330 lbs 39*21*40inch
ZLSP230P ≥22HP 120-200kg/h 175/200 kg 1000*540*1020mm
245-440lbs/h 385/440 lbs 39*21*40inch
ZLSP260P ≥30HP 160-250kg/h 235/260 kg 1050*540*900mm
350-550lbs/h 518/580 lbs 41*21*35inch
ZLSP300P ≥55HP 250-400kg/h 305/330 kg 1100*540*1000mm
550-880lbs/h 680/730 lbs 43*21*39inch

Operating Principle of PTO Pellet Maker

Making Pellets with Tractor Power Pellet Maker

tractor pellet maker

Specialty Appropriate for Farm Use

Compared with other equipments, PTO wood pellet mill is welcomed by farms for its easy operation and small light body. Easy operation can save you a lot of labor cost and small light body makes it possible to move the machine around the farm.

PTO wood pellet mill - tractor

The Reasons Why You Should Choose PTO Wood Pellet Mill

  • For its compact structure, PTO pellet mill is most flexible among all kinds of small pellet presses.
  • As it can be powered by tractor, PTO pellet mill is particularly suitable for making wood pellets in the open air such as on the farm.
  • Wherever you are and whenever you want to making pellets, PTO type small pellet press can help you do it efficiently.
Here from GEMCO, You can get productive and efficient PTO wood pellets mills. All our machines have passed ISO and CE certification. You are sure to enjoy excellent service and perfect quality of pelletizing equipment! The aim of GEMCO is providing customers excellent products and perfect service. If you are interested in our products or have any doubt about wood pellet making, feel free to contact us!