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Biomass Pellet Fuel

Straw pellet fuel made by straw pellet mill is the application of agriculture and forestry waste, such as straw, rice straw, leaves, sawdust, wood shavings, bagasse, etc.) as raw material, add additive of a efficient by granulating machine molding equipment, after crushing, squeezing, drying process etc, made of rod-shaped particles directly in the biomass boiler burning in the hearth of the new type of clean fuel.

Straw Pellet Fuel Properties

1, Can be realized at room temperature gas CO ecology "zero discharge" : its combustion emissions of CO from its growth in nature when the absorption of CO, therefore, has the characteristics of CO in ecological zero emissions.

2, The typical low carbon green energy

(1) Low carbon energy: biomass combustion is given priority to with volatile flux, the fixed carbon content is only about 15%, therefore is a typical low carbon fuel.

(2) While reducing emissions SO that biomass sulfur content is lower than diesel, is only 0.05%, do not need to set the desulfurization unit to reduce emissions can be achieved SO.

(3) Dust emission standard: biomass ash 1.8%, is about 1/10 of the coal-based fuel, simple to set up the dust removal device can realize the dust emission standard.

(4) To reduce the generation of NO: low biomass, nitrogen content, high oxygen content, burning can effectively reduce the demand for air, reduce the generation of NO.

Typical Circular Economy Projects

Biomass derived from agriculture and forestry waste, it with grain as the raw material of alcohol-based fuel and biomass compared to biodiesel oil crops as raw material, does not produce debate with people "quantity" and "land" with people's social problems, raw material distribution wide variety, large content, low cost, growth cycle, inexhaustible, an inexhaustible, circular economy is the typical project.

Safe and Convenient

biomass density, small volume, solid forming, sealed packaging, transport storage safe and convenient.