Small Mobile Wood Pellet Mill Speed Reducer Problem

small mobile wood pellet millEvery piece of wood pellet mill in the operation of the time need to configure a deceleration machine, which is determined by its mechanical principle. But in the process of heavy load for a long time to use, will inevitably be small mobile wood pellet mill speed reducer some fault, fault should be how to deal with, in the face of these new machinery of small wood pellet mill senior engineer to answer your questions.

  • Found mobile wood pellet mill reducer oil pressure, oil temperature and flow rate is not normal you need to clean filter, nozzle, check again after cleaning lubrication rear can normal use.
  • Small wood pellet mill speed reducer bearing to adopt splash lubrication, when unpick and wash reshipment of sodium calcium base grease must be added, about one third in the bearing space volume.
  • Found that the wood pellet mill reducer vent plug, should be removed in gas cleaning filter after installation.
  • On tooth surface damage area along the direction of teeth and tooth depth direction were more than 20%, the gear should be replaced in pairs, should change after running-in, and commissioning of teeth long exposure to 60% up to 60% can be used formally.
  • When working in the small mobile wood pellet mill, oil found to slow down your rose more than 80 ℃ or oil pool temperature over 100 ℃ and produce the phenomenon such as abnormal noise should stop using, check the reason, oil change after troubleshooting, may continue to operate.
  • Small mobile pellet mill when output shaft of the reducer in the rotation is not turned, it is possible that the reducer key links are destroyed, will to teardown check reducer.