Electric Pellet Press

This Pellet press machine is electric-powered. With the popularization of electricity, electric wood press machine is getting popular for its high productivity in the market. Wood pellets are known as one of the most famous green energy. Over the years, wood pellet production is also becoming a hot industry because of its low investment and high return. In a word, making pellets with electric pellet press machine is attractive and available for most people.

Electric Pellet Press Machine for Sale

electric pellet press machine

How Electric Pellet Press Machine Works? [Video]

GEMCO pellet press machine is widely applied to wood pellet production all over the world. This machine is a kind of flat die pellet press. The main components of this pellet machine are electric motor, die, roller, gear box, pelletizing room and feeder. Making pellets with this machine is very easy. You just need to get the raw materials prepared and then feed them into the feeding hole vertically. Then the pelletizing will start automatically.

To make sure the performance of the machine and the quality of final products (wood pellets), during the manufacturing of the equipment, from the diameter and length of the dies to the material of components, every part has been examined by our professional teams. The scientific and compact structure design enables you to set it freely or making pellets at anywhere.

pellet press machine pellet press machine
ZLSP-C Type (Covered Motor) ZLSP-B Type (Motor)

Technical Parameter

Model Power Capacity Weight(NW/GW Packing Size
ZLSP200B 7.5KW (3phase) 80-120 kg/h 215/245kg 950*450*1050mm
170-270 lbs/h 475/540lbs 37*18*41 inch
ZLSP300B 22KW (3phase) 250-350 kg/h 540/575kg 1350*750*1400mm
550-770 lbs/h 1190/1268lbs 53*30*55 inch
ZLSP400B 30KW (3phase) 350-450 kg/h 770/810kg 1400*800*1450mm
770-990 lbs/h 1698/1785lbs 55*31*57 inch
ZLSP200C 7.5KW (3phase) 80-120 kg/h 210/230kg 1050*550*830mm
180-265 lbs/h 460/510lbs 42*22*33 inch
ZLSP260C 15KW (3phase) 160-250 kg/h 340/370kg 1240*580*1000mm
350-550 lbs/h 750/815lbs 49*23*39 inch
ZLSP300C 22KW (3phase) 250-400 kg/h 425/465kg 1300*620*1100mm
550-880 lbs/h 940/1025lbs 51*24*43 inch

Scope of Biomass Material

There are a wide range of biomass materials which can be used for making pellets. Sufficient raw material, low input and high output makes the scope of fuel pellets very large. Sawdust, grass, weed, branches, leaves, waste paper and many other wooden materials are all suitable for pellet press machine. The scope could be even larger for those who are living in the countryside. Since they are in the countryside, they can easily get plenty of agricultural wastes and these wastes can be the best raw material for making fuel pellets. You can choose afalfa, bagasse, cotton seed skin, crop stalk, rice straw, wheat bran and so on.

Our wood press machine can deal with different biomass materials. Buy one machine and you can process all of material mentioned above into pellets.


Main Features

  • ISO9001 and CE certifіed;
  • Continuοus and steady runnіng;
  • Strοng durabilіty wіth allοy steel made compοnents;
  • Remοval toοls and prοfessional lever actiοn grease gun allοcated enable the dismοunting and maіntenance easy;
  • Standardіzed electrіc chassis enhances the safety and avοid operatοr stretchіng the hand intο іnner parts.

GEMCO is a wood pellet press machine supplier with 10 years of experience in wood pellet equipment manufacturing. The accumulation of experience and profession knowledge makes our pellet presses reliable. If you have any question on pellet mill equipment or Tractor Pellet Mill, feel free to contact us!