The Benefits of Animal Feed Millling Machine

If you are planning to start a mini poultry feed mill in india, this small complete set of small poultry feed mill machinery should be your best choice!

small poultry feed mill machinery

Now more and more farmers choose small animal feed milling machine for making their own feed products for breeding livstock animals. There are six main benefts of using animal feed milling machine to make feed pellets or crumbles for poultry or cattle farming. Here is the page of 2019 popular small cattle feed machine for home use and farm use. If you want to invest in feed manufacturing business, click here to read about the cattle feed plant project cost.

  • Avoid picky eating of animals.
The formula of compound feed produced by animal feed milling machine includes a variety of fodder materials with comprehensive nutrition, which can prevent animals from choosing their favorite food from the feed powder and refusing to take in other ingredients. Besides, the pelleted feed made by small feed mill machine can maintain uniformity in the process of storage, transportation and feeding, so the loss of feed can be reduced by 8%~10%. (Related post: Low cost poultry feed making machine for set up a small feed mill)

small animal feed milling machine for home

Low Cost Small Cattle Feed Machine

  • High Feed Returen Rate
In the process of poultry or cattle feed pellet manufacturing plant, due to the comprehensive effect of water, temperature and pressure, some physical and chemical reactions take place in the fodder materials, which makes starch gelatinization and enzyme activity increase, so that the animals can digest the feed more effectively and turn it into weight gain. Here is an example, compared with mash feed or powder feed, feeding poultry and cattle with feed pellets can improve the feed conversion (the rate of feeding return) by 10%~12%. When using feed pellets, the average daily weight gain was 4% and the ratio of feed to meat is reduced by 6%. For broiler chicken, the ratio of feed to meat can be reduced by 3%-10%.
  • Cost Less on Feed Storage and transportation
After the mash feed are compressed into pellets, the density will be generally increased by 40%-100%, which can reduce a large amount of cost in storage and transportation.
  • Pellet Feed Has Good Liquidity and Easy Management
When using mash feed, the added added molasses or high fat and urea feed often adhere to the forage tank. Due to the good fluitity of feed pellets, adhesion is rare. This is also why pellet feed is most popular on farms when you use automated feeders to raise cows or poultry on a large scale.
  • Avoid automatic grading of feed ingredients and reduce environmental pollution.
In the course of mash feed storage and transportation, it is easy to produce grading problem because of the different bulk and mass of powder. After be maked into pellets by using small animal feed mill equipment, there will be grading problem no more. Besides, pelletized feed is not easy to cause dust. The air and water pollution caused by animal feed pellets is much less than that of mash feed.
  • Animal Feed Milling Machine can kill salmonella in animal feed.
Salmonella remains in animal tissue when ingested by animals, and people who eat animals infected with the bacteria can develop gastrointestinal problems. The high temperature produced during the animal feed milling process can kill salmonella bacteria in animal feed.