Diesel Pellet Press

This wood pellet press machine for sale is driven by diesel engine (diesel-powered). It is also called diesel pellet press. It is designed for small-to-medium scale wood pellet production. Diesel engine makes this kind of pellet press machine an ideal choice for making wood pellets at the places lack of electricity. It has no unnecessary wires and is more convenient to move to the open air. Compared with electric pellet press, this kind of pellet press machine is more flexible.

Wood Pellet Press for Sale

diesel wood pellet press

Technical Data of Wood Pellet Press (Diesel-powered)

Model Power Capacity Weight(NW/GW) Packing Size
ZLSP200A 15 HP 80-120kg/h 320/350kg 1460*950*1100mm
170-270lbs/h 705/772lbs 58*37*55inch
ZLSP300A 36 HP 250-350kg/h 850/890kg 1100*700*2480mm
550-770lbs/h 1874/1962lbs 43*28*98 inch
ZLSP400A 55 HP 350-450 kg/h 1010/1050kg 1300*800*2600mm
770-990 lbs/h 2227/2315lbs 51*31*102 inch

Working Principle of This Diesel Pellet Press

This diesel wood pellet press machine developed by GEMCO adopts flat die design. The main components of this machine are roller and die. When running, the rollers will rotate driven by the bearings in the gear box and the compression between the roller and die can press raw materials such as sawdust through the holes on the die. A knife on the other side of the die will cut these pressed pellets to uniform length, then final pellets are produced and fall out of the machine.

Working Video


dieroller   roller and die

Application of This Diesel Pellet Press for Sale

The very big advantage of diesel driven wood pellet press is its mobility and convenience. Besides, with reasonable structure design, GEMCO wood pellet press can deal with a wide scope of biomass materials. Wood residues, sawdust, wood shavings, corn stover, rice straw, crop stalks, peanut shells…and so on.

It is the best choice for making small to medium pellet production, especially for families who own an orchard, a house with big yards or a farm. This pellet press can turn your household wastes, yard wastes and agricultural waste into useful biomass fuel. If you live not far from a furniture manufacturer or timber mill, then there will be sufficient biomass materials (sawdust, wood scraps) for you to make fuel pellets. You can use the wood pellets for home warming, cooking or sell them to local district to earn extra money.
This Diesel pellet press is also available for the ones who are running small business of wood pellets.

corn stover pellet wood pellet peanut shells pellet

Why Choose Our Wood Pellet Press?

Quality Is Ensured!
  • CE and ISO9001 certified.
  • Each pellet press produced is examined strictly by our professional quality department.
  • High quality final pellets: The intensity, thickness, length, etc are strictly standardized.
  • Durability is enhanced with the employment of alloy steel.
Prolonged Lifespan
  • Finished pellet press machine will be sent into our special paint workshop. After painting, each machine will be sealed to avoid the accumulation of dust and rusting.
  • Both sides of the die can be used.
Excellent Performance
  • Continuous and steady running.
  • Low energy consumption, low cost;
  • High productivity, high efficient;
  • Diameter of final wood pellets is adjustable by changing dies.