Advantages and Applications of Automated Pellet Press

In recent years, the application area of automated pellet press is still relatively small. The main users are some wood processing factory, furniture factory and large farms. Since pellet press appear in the market, more and more people and enterprises see the business opportunities. After biomass pellet and charcoal companies invested in automated pellet press machine, they saw a bright new future.

automated pellet press
Compared with manual pellet mill, automated pellet press solves the size problem. The pellets produced by automated pellet press have unified size, so that make the carbonization process of charcoal easier and more efficient. We can also control the size of finished pellets by changing the die. Actually, pellet press is not a new product. But there are still many companies who are not familiar with this equipment.

wood fuel pellets

Automated pellet presses have a wide application area. The very big one is furniture factory. How so? Well, there are some reasons for this. During the processing of furniture, there will be many wood residues left. These wood residues result in wasting of resources. As the forest resources is getting less and less, it is important to pay more attention to saving resources. Using wood pellet press is the best way! Collect these wood wastes or sawdust and make them into fuel pellets.